TYT TH9800 Quad Band Radio 10M. 6M, 2M, 440Mhz


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The TH-9800 is a full feature QUAD Band mobile radio. In the box you will find mounting hardware, microphone, power cable, separation cable, programming cable and software. In addition to the factory software this radio can be programmed with CHIRP .

  • TYT’s quad band mobile transceiver.
  • QuadBandOperation:29/50/144/430MHz
  • V+U Full Duplex Operation
  • V+U/V+V/U+U Dual Band Operation,
  • Wide/Narrow Band(25kHz/12.5kHz)
  • DTMF-ANI/5Tone-ANIfunction
  • CTCSS Encode/Decode
  • COMP function
  • Cross-Band Repeat\
  • CS Encode/Decode
  • 809 Memorychannels
  • 2tone/5tone
  • AM Mode for Aeronautical Band(108-135.995MHz) RX only
  • Automatic power off
  • Display brightness setting
  • Scrambler
  • 6 Hyper Memory (store complete radio configuration)


Item Number TH-9800
Frequency Range RX(AM and FM):26-33mhz,47-54mhz ,
(Cellular Blocked)
TX(FM): 26-33mhz,47-54mhz,134-174MHZ
Channel Capacity 809 Channels
Channel Spacing 2.5 /5 /6.25 /10 / 12.5 /15 /20 /25 /50 kHz
Modes of emission F3
Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms,unbalanced (Antenna Duplexer built-in)
Frequency Stability ±5PPM@-140℉~+140℉(-10℃~+60℃)
Operating Voltage -4℉~+140℉(-20℃~+60℃)
Operating Temperature Range 13.8VDC (±15%),Negative ground
Current Consumption(Approx) RX:0.5A(Squelched)
Case size(W×H×D) 140*41.5*168 mm (w/o knobs & connectors)
Weight 1.2kg
output power 50/20/10/5W(29/50/144MHZ),40/20/10/5W(430MHZ)
Modulation Type Variable Reactance
Maximum Deviation Better than -60dB(29MHZ: Better than -50dB)
Modulation Distortion Less than 3%
Microphone Impedance 2kΩ
Circuit Type Double-conversion super-heterodyne
Intermediate Frequency 49.95MHz/450KHz (left band)
38.85MHz/450KHz (right band)
Sensitivity (for 12dB SINAD) Better than 0.2μV
Squelch Sensitivity Better than 0.16μV
Selectivity(-6dB/-60dB) 12KHz/30 KHz
Maximum AF output 2W@8Ω for 5% THD
AF output Impedance 4-16Ω


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