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Center and End Insulators from Budwig

These insulators are made in America and are military tough. The Budwig HQ-1 Antenna connector is for use by ham radio operators and others in fabricating an inexpensive and efficient dipole antenna. Designed for durability and light weight, this connector provides a coax SO-239 socket for accepting PL-259 feed line plug. The one piece molded body offers weather tight construction and provides a drip shield to protect the coax fittings. Full legal power capacity.

The Budwig HQ-2 Antenna Insulator is designed for use with Budwig HQ-1 Connector when constructing a dipole antenna assembly. Deep ribbed construction provides increased surface path to reduce power leakage. Light weight and durable.

The center support and end insulators are available as a set or individually.

HQ-1 Center Support $15.95
HQ-2 End Insulators per pair $5.95
Budwig Kit 1 HQ-1 and 2 HQ-2 $19.95

HQ-1 Center Support

HQ-2 End Insulators

Stock Material: ABS Copolymer, 20% Glass filled
Stock Colors: Green (Olive Drab)
RoHS: Compliant